Software Integration and Distribution: Overview

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This section documents all the procedures and tools used for releasing the gCube system. It is intended as the central access point to information about the integration, validation, and distribution of the system for developers, software testers, release managers, and for any other actor involved in the development of the system (see Roles).

Given the large size of the gCube system, its high degree of modularity and the number of developers involved in the implementation, a set of procedures that formalize and simplify the integration, test, documentation and distribution of the software have been defined. These procedures coordinate the actions and the timing of the different actors to achieve the desired result. Section Release Procedures provides a detailed description of each procedure by listing actors and their responsibilities for each step of each procedure.

Activities in release procedures are highly automated and supported by several tools described in section Release Tools.

Release Roles

Release Tools

Release Procedures

Test Plan

Naming Conventions

Release Log