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The MavenBuilder (maven-builder) is a component that collects a set of scripts used by ETICS during integration builds to properly handle Maven builds and to execute actions needed for the preparation of releases (e.g. creation of source and binary packages, resolution of dependencies version ranges).


The environment variables that affects the behaviour of maven-builder are:

Name Description
GENERATE_SOURCE_PACKAGE If set, the maven-builder will generate source packages (both for Ant and Maven components). The source packages are located in <component-folder>/target/<artifactId>-<version>
APPEND_SCM_REVISION If set, the maven-builder will add the SVN revision number to the component version (e.g. 1.2.3-3.10.1-12394 instead of 1.2.3-3.10.1)
FORCE_JAVA_VERSION If set, the java_version property will be added to mvn command line with the given value (see here for more information).