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The gCube Website, found at http://www.gcube-system.org/ is a portal, based on Liferay, for distributing all information related to the gCube technology. The gCube website offers the tools for the distribution of software and documentation produced by the Project. Two dedicated sections, named Documentation and Downloads (under Developer section) are available from the Website's menu bar. The pages contain informations about the software and documentation which are distributed through the site.



Clicking on the link Documentation, the user would move to the gCube Software Documentation where three different guides are available: Administrator Guide, User Guide and Developers Guide.

gCube System Documentation


Clicking on the link Downloads, the user would move to the gCube Software Distribution where three distibution bundles are available: gCube Portal Distro, gCube vHN Distro and gCube gHN distro.

The user to get the full list of gCube Web Services or gCube Portlets can see the gCube Releases page.

gCube System Downloads

gCube Releases page

Clicking on the link gCube Releases page, the user would move to the gCube Release Downloads where all gCube Web Services and gCube Portlets are available for download. The page shows (by default) the latest gCube release and its related information: Release Date, Number of packages, Etics report, Number of Subsystems, Release Notes. It's possible to filter for Artifact (ID). The previous releases are available by clicking on the link "Other Releases".

gCube Release 3.8

Moreover, the page shows for each subsystem all its components (Artifact IDs) and relative links: Download, Maven Repo, Javadoc and Wiki Documentation (where availables).

gCube Content Management Subsystem and its components for gCube 3.8

The informations presented in the gCube Release page are retrieved automatically from distribution.xml and Release Notes files generated by ETICS Build Reports. In order to add a new Release for download from the gCube Website, the gCube Release Manager has to fill in a web form with the release informations (name, release date, etc.), the Release Notes and the releative distibution.xml to add the new release.