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This page explains how to publish algorithms created using the Statistical Algorithms Importer (SAI).

Publishing an algorithm

Publishing an algorithm means making it available as-a-Service on the e-Infrastructure, for some Virtual Research Environment (VRE). A web GUI will be automatically created based on the I/O definitions in the corresponding SAI panel. The software can be created by pressing the Create button. The system will check the availability of at least one input and one output definition, the algorithm name and description and the interpreter version. A package will be created in the Target folder under the Compile folder. This will include Java code, metadata information and a JAR file to be deployed on the DataMiner Manager machines. The algorithm to undergo a coherence check with respect to the rest of the infrastructure and be shipped on the DataMiner machines. Only the JAR file will be deployed on the machines, leaving the scripts on the private Workspace of the user. This mechanism saves policy requirements of those users who do not want to share their code. Only the compiled Java code will be deployed on the DataMiner machines (inside the JAR file), thus the e-Infrastructure staff will not be able to get the scripts code. The compiled Java file contains a link to a Workspace location, accessible only via authentication (owned only by the DataMiner service). The service will download the scripts and resources on-the-fly, execute the main script and later delete everything.

The software publication can be run by pressing the Publish button. Be careful, you must always do Create operation before Publish if the project has changed. At this point, a link to the JAR file and to the algorithm metadata will be sent via e-mail to the e-Infrastructure managers. Once the algorithm has been deployed, the manager will alert the user via the e-Infrastructure messaging system.

Statistical Algorithms Importer (SAI), portlet. Publish button.

Sometimes we want to publish an algorithm in another VRE, different from the one in which we have already published the algorithm. If the SAI is present in the new VRE, just open the algorithm in the new VRE and publish it, otherwise you can open a ticket and you can report the VRE and the name of the algorithm that you want to publish.