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In this guide we describe the Statistical Algorithms Importer (also known as Methods Importer or Software Algorithms Importer) web interface.


This Methods Importer (SAI) is a tool to import algorithms in the D4Science e-Infrastructure. Currently, it supports different types of software integration. SAI separates software development from its deployment in the infrastructure in a very flexible way. After the first deployment, made in collaboration with the e-Infrastructure team, script developers can modify and update their scripts by themselves, without the intervention of the e-Infrastructure team.

In order to transform an algorithm, three main passages are required:

1 - Indicate Input, Output and types of a main script orchestrating the process

2 - Create the Software: this operation creates the interface from the e-Infrastructure service to the script and should be used each time either the interface (I/O) or the name of the algorithm or the required additional packages change

3 - Publish the Software: this operation communicates to the infrastructure that a newly create software should be put online

Additionally, the Repackage function can be used when only the internal code of the orchestrating script changes and the algorithms has already been published. The pages in this Wiki explain the details of these operations.

Statistical Algorithms Importer (SAI), portlet. Main interface.


Please, read our best practices first: F.A.Q.


A demonstration video is available here.

Main Steps

  1. Creating a new Project
  2. Publishing Algorithms for deployment
  3. Repackaging a script
  4. Advanced Input
  5. Updating the status of a computation
  6. F.A.Q.
  7. Import projects from GitHub

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