How to programmatically publishing a spatial dataset and the associated metadata by the gCube SDI

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Publishing a spatial dataset in the gCube Spatial Data Infrastructure implies that:

  • the dataset metadata (including a reference to the actual dataset stored into a repository) are registered in the CSW-compliant Catalogue;

The actual dataset must be stored in a repository, the infrastructure offers at least two types of Repositories: GeoServer and THREDDS DS (see Spatial Data Storage and Publishing for further details).

In order to publish a dataset by the gCube Spatial Data Infrastructure, the following approaches are possible:

  • use the GIS Interface to publish both the dataset (in a GeoServer Repository) and the associated metadata (in the catalogue);
  • use the GeoNetwork library to publish the metadata only into the Catalogue;
  • use Data Transfer 2 to publish geospatial datasets in Thredds;
    • Metadata can be extracted by dataset and published into GeoNEtwork Catalogue;
  • use the SDI-Service to interact with the SDI via REST;
    • Retrieve geo-services endpoints and authorized accounts;
    • Initialize catalogues and policies on a VRE-basis
  • directly interact to GCube-Enabled geo-services declaring a gCube token;