Spatial Data Storage and Publishing

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gCube Spatial Data Storage (and Publishing) is conceived to implement a sort of meta-repository where spatial datasets are actually stored by relying on a cluster of diverse repositories and become discoverable by a CSW-based catalogue service.

Overall Architecture

Key features

transparent storage on a cluster of heterogeneous spatial data repositories;
GIS Publisher service expose a homogeneous interface for publishing all supported spatial data representations automatically selecting the best repository for each dataset, Handling with the different technologies and interfaces exposed by the various spatial data repositories is thus no more a concern of clients of the SDI.
rich and standard metadata publication;
ISO 19115:2003/19139 metadata representation is produced for each dataset at publishing time. Metadata representations follow INSPIRE directives, granting the data quality of the SDI. Common fields such as organization contacts are configured at scope level.
enabling CSW-catalogue based discovery and browsing of published datasets;
Metadata generation and publication in CSW-catalogues (GeoNetwork based) grants the discovery of published datasets by means of standard interface.


GIS Publisher Service
Under Development component (not available yet)
GeoNetwork library
A software library enabling management of spatial dataset metadata. It interacts with the GeoNetwork based repositories and exposes search and CRUD operations on metadata as well as CRUD operations on GeoNetwork users and groups.
GIS Interface
A software library enabling to publish spatial datasets and metadata in one of the GeoServer based repositories hosted by the infrastructure and in the CSW catalogue;