Secure Proxy Installation

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GCube secure proxy is a solution to expose unsecure legacy services by using TLS without modifying or reconfiguring them.

Installation and simple configuration

GCube secure proxy is a war file (httpproxy.war) which leverages on Smart Gear facilities. The web application acts as a proxy for a list of URL (Domain Filter) to be defined on the Information System under the considered VRE.

The URL list on the Information System is defined in a Generic Resource with the following features:

  • SecondaryType: SecureProxyDomains
  • Name: ProxiedDomains

          <domain>Name of the first URL or Domain</domain>
          <domain>Name of the second URL or Domain</domain>

Advanced configuration

The configuration file

in the folder

<war root>/WEB-INF/classes

contains two useful properties, especially for test and debug, concerning the Domain Filter in particular:

  • filterEnabled (default false): enabling or disabling the Domain Filter
  • defaultForward (default false): if true and the Domain Filter is empty, the request is forwarded
  • defaultPeriod (default 60): the period (in seconds) between two consecutive refreshes of the local cache of Domain List


The URL to access a proxied resource is the following:

https://<proxy base URL>/httpproxy/proxy/<proxied resource>