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An application programming interface (API) is a specification intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. The roles of APIs can vary on many aspects including language dependencies, programming pradigms, relevance to software frameworks and protocol implementations. The goal of the activity for API specifications within WP11 is the management of the designation of APIs that fall under specific functional categories and provide access to the system resources through bindings to specifications. More specifically, the activity includes APIs for system components that may:

  • be related to software libraries and prescribe the expected behaviour and the set of rules to which the implementation complies
  • be related to the Integration and Interoperability Facilities Framework defined in the context of WP11 tasks
  • implement a variety of protocols (e.g. Java, REST, SOAP, depending on the need and relevance) to support standard ways to exchange requests and responses based on common transport and agreeing on data/message exchange formats
  • support standard specifications that capture policies and interfaces and promote interoperability


Data Management APIs

Data Consumption APIs