VO-Management Delegation

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The Delegation Service allows clients to delegate credentials to gCube services running on a GHN. Delegated credentials can then be used by co-hosted gCube services (e.g. to perform service invocations). Each delegated credential is associated to a ServiceContext. Co-hosted services can subscribe to the local GHNContext using these identifiers to receive credentials. This can exploiting one of the gCore Framework facilities. The service is notified whenever fresh credentials for it are delegated (or cancelled) to the GHN.

Resources and properties

The VO-Management Delegation service is a stateful service where each resource is a credentials dispatcher for a single RI in the GHN. This service is distributed in the ghn distribution as local service.


The main functions supported by VO-Management Delegation are:

  • delegateCredentials() - which takes as input parameter a DelegateCredentialsInputMessage message containing the credentials to be delegated and returns an empty value.