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Release org.gcube.2-7-3 full changelog


    Added Search Accounting Info functionality


    Fixed prefetch cache defect which caused data inaccessibility in some cases.
    Fixed data type handling in prefetch cache remove item method


    Property pair representation for hosting nodes is aligned with latest version of RRModel.
    pe2ng port property extraction from hosting nodes is now performed correctly.


    Corrected Field equals method. Previous version caused field updates to be ignored under some circumstances.
    Implemented Field update and deletion marking, to support field handling by auto-update functionality
    Added search service element.
    Fixed property pair representation for hosting nodes. The previous strategy of simply appending keys and pair led to problems matching properties whose key
		began with a common prefix.
    Fixed typo in JDO persistency descriptor for OpenSearch data sources. 
		The typo was a potential source of instability as it resulted in warnings upon querying the latter data sources.


    Scope management for Runtime Resources

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