Git Branching Strategy

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  • The master branch is the stable branch. Must be always in a releasable state.
  • Feature (named feature/issue) branches are created from master (issue is the tracker issue number that describes the feature).
  • Occasionally, feature branches can be created from other feature branches, although this is a discouraged practice.
  • Features may be experimental. If not pursued, branches are discarded without corrupting the stability of the master branch.
  • When a feature is complete, the corresponding feature branch is merged into the master branch.
  • When master has enough stable features, it is released
  • If an issue (typically a bug requiring immediate attention) in master is detected, a hotfix/issue branch is created from master (issue is the tracker issue number that reports the problem)
  • Once the hotfix is complete it is merged to master and any open feature branch (if needed)

Git Branching strategy.v5.png

Please visit the following link to learn how to branch and merge with git

Sample usage

At any time, list the Maven-parent repository's branches on Gitea:


Then, by clicking on the "Issues" link, it will open the corresponding issues on the tracker system:


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