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Aim of this page is to present implemented plugins for gFeed Service, describing their behavior and capabilities. The transformation map represents briefly the current capabilities of the system by identifying what Transformations (source -> dest) can be invoked.

Each implementation might use different VRE Resources, while the use of the common Generic Resource configuration:gcat-feeder is highly encouraged.


Collectors gather information from certain sources, producing data ready to be published by Controllers. They are responsible for :

  • data access : searching, filtering
  • data preparation : aggregation, translation

Since Collectors are responsible for model translation(s), they declares the list of Controllers' model supported by their implementation.

DataMiner Algorithm Collector

The DataMiner Algorithm Collector gathers information on the DM algorithms published in the VRE. It uses the following parameters in the VRE :


It supports translation towards gCat-Controller.

OAI-PMH Collector

The OAI-PMH Collector gathers information from oai-pmh endpoint(s) defined in the VRE. It looks for the foolowing resources in the VRE :

  • Service Endpoint [Category = Repository, Platform.Name = oai-pmh] describing :
    • OAI-PMH Repository entry point
    • [Optional] list of set to extract
    • [Optional] list of formats to extract

It supports the translation towards gCat-Controller.


Controllers allow the publication of data produced by Collectors. They are responsible for :

  • Accessing Destination(s)
  • Publishing data (CREATE/UPDATE)

They expect domain-specific model formats from Collectors in order to deal with complex publication logics.

GCat Controller

GCat Controller allows the publication of item(s) and resource(s) (along with their profile(s)) via interacting with gCat-Service.

Transformation Map