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The Users and Groups Management Portlet provides the functionality for managing the available users and groups for each VO/VRE. This portlet can only by accessed by users with the "VO-Admin" role at VO level and with the "VRE-Manager" role at VRE level

Ump main.png

User Guide

The portlet is divided into 2 main tabs offering distinct functionality for the management of users and groups respectively.

Users Management

Users belonging to the VO/VRE can be management here. For every user the following information is available in a table view and you can see additional information by simply clicking on the desired row.

  • username: user's username
  • email: user's email address
  • full name: user's full name
  • roles: user's assigned roles for the current VO/VRE
  • groups: user's belonging groups for the current VO/VRE
  • request date: date user requested to join the VO/VRE
  • validation date: date user has been added to the VO/VRE
  • acceptance manager: who added the user to the VO/VRE

The following image shows how user's details are displayed: Ump-details modal.png

When you select one or more rows the following options are activated:

  • Deselect All: unselects the selected rows
  • Edit Selected: Edit the selected users' roles and groups. You have the option to remove the pre-existing roles and groups before adding the new ones
  • Assign Roles: Assign roles to the selected users
  • Add to Group: Add the selected users to any of the available groups
  • Delete Selected: Remove the selected users from the VO/VRE

These options are displayed on the top of the table as you can see below: Ump-user selected-options.png

Edit User Info

Clicking on Edit Selected you can edit users' roles and groups. A modal is displayed showing the current roles and groups and you can perform any change.

Ump-mass edit users.png

Deployment Guide

The portlet is part of the gcube portal budle. Downloading and installing the bundle will also make this portlet ready to use.