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Trac is an open source, web-based project management and issue-tracking tool. Trac allows hyperlinking information between a bug database, revision control and wiki content. It also serves as a web interface to Version Control Systems like Subversion.

For iMarine project a dedicated Trac installation has been setup at

Trac support in WP7 activities

Trac is used in release procedures mainly to trigger activities (such as start of releases, attach subsystem configurations) and to react to defects found in candidate releases of gCube System. Below, we provide a list of ticket types with a short description of their structure and usage.

Release Ticket

A Release Ticket is a ticket created when a new subsystem is being released. All release tickets for the open Release Cycle are reported in "Report 17: Open Release Cycles" of Trac ( Release Ticket referring to Closed Release Cycles are in "Report 21: Close Release Cycles" ( For further information on Release Tickets, please, refers to Creating a Release Ticket section.

Defect Ticket

Defect tickets are created during release cycles to report errors in integration, certification and testing of component configurations candidate for the release. The ticket's reporter should always indicate properly fill following ticket's fields:

  • Milestone: the current candidate release of gCube System
  • Component: the component that manifest the defect
  • Defect Category: one of Documentation, Build, Testing, Certification

Please note that, tickets of type defect have also other usages external to release procedures (e.g. report defect found in production environment).