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This page contains the characteristics of testing infrastructure of gCube software. The testing infrastructure is exploited during gCube release cycle to run Deployment and Functional tests of gCube components prior their release.

Testing Infrastructure layout

The testing infrastructure is a gCube infrastruture (/d4science.org) deployed to support testing of gCube components during the release. It is hosted at different sites (ENG and CNR at the moment) and it is composed by two different VOs:

  • /d4science.org/testing: to support the execution of a
  • /d4science.org/preprod: to support the deployment of portlets and test their functionality

The following table summarizes the nodes and services of the testing infrastructure:

Site hostname ip:port scope VO Services GHN version
ENG bluebridge /d4science.org ROOT
  • IS-Collector 3.0.2-3.8.0
ENG bluebridge /d4science.org ROOT
  • IS-Registry 2.1.4-3.8.0
ENG bluebridge /d4science.org ROOT
  • Resource Manager 1.3.0-3.8.0
ENG bluebridge /d4science.org testing
  • Portal 3.5.0-3.8.0