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This page explains how to create a R-blackbox project using the Statistical Algorithms Importer (SAI) portlet.
R-blackbox Project, SAI

Project Configuration

Define project's metadata
R-blackbox Info, SAI
Add input and output parameters and click on "Set Code" to indicate the main file to execute (i.e. the .r file)
R-blackbox I/O, SAI
Add information about the running environment (e.g. R version etc.)
R-blackbox Interpreter, SAI
After the software creation phase a Main.R file and a Taget folder are created
R-blackbox Create, SAI

Inheritance of Global and Infrastructure Variables

at each run of the process the globalvariables.csv file is created locally to the process (i.e. it can be read as ./globalvariables.csv), which contains the following global variables that are meant to allow the process to properly contact the e-Infrastructure services:

  • gcube_username (the user who run the computation, e.g. gianpaolo.coro)
  • gcube_context (the VRE the process was run in, e.g.
  • gcube_token (the token of the user for the VRE, e.g. 1234-567-890)

The format of the CSV file is like the one of the following example:


Example Code

R code in sample:
# author Giancarlo Panichi

Example Download