Software Integration and Distribution: Roles

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The gCube release process includes several activities (e.g, development, build, testing, packaging, etc...) and each activity involves a number of different persons playing different roles. In this section we define a set of roles and their duties and responsibilities in release activities. When possible, name and contact of persons playing the different roles are provided.

Release Roles in a nutshell

The Release Cycle procedure is overseen by Release Managers that manage the overall procedure progress and fulfill activities at project-scope. Subsystem Managers play a role similar to Release Managers, but in the scope of the assigned subsystem. Developers implement and fix the assigned components and usually provide documentation for them (playing, in fact, also the role of Documentation Author). Testing team is formed by Testers who carry out tests against software candidate to be released. Finally the Documentation Editor manages entire documentation process.

Roles Description

Responsibilities and assignments for each role are described in details in following sub-sections: