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The gCube Information System (IS) has been designed to support Research Infrastructure federation.


The term ‘research infrastructures’ refers to facilities, resources and related services used by the scientific community to conduct top-level research in their respective fields, ranging from social sciences to astronomy, genomics to nanotechnologies

IS: a registry of the infrastructure offering global and partial view of

  • its resources (e.g. computing, storage, services, software, datasets);
  • their current status (e.g. up and running, available);
  • their relationships with other resources;
  • the policies governing their exploitation.


Functional Requirements

  • Data Definition Language (DDL) for schemas definition (entities and relations);
  • Entity and Relation instances must be:
    • Univocally identifiable;
    • Selective/Partial updatable;
    • Validated against the Schema.
  • Referential Integrity;
  • Dynamic Query (no pre-define query);
  • Standard Abstraction (desiderata);
  • Subscription Notification Support.

Non-Functional Requirements

  • High Availability (HA);
  • Eventual Consistency;
  • Horizontal Scalability;
  • Multi-Tenancy, i.e. a single instance of the technology should be able to serve many “independent” contexts (between the same Application Domain) [1];
  • EUPL licence compatibility of all its components.



The constituent components are:


  1. Please note that different Application domain must be managed by completely separated instances of the whole IS.