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gCube (http://www.gcube-system.org) is a Software System whose development activity is ongoing and performed according to the Agile software development methodology. This implies that software components are developed in relatively short subsequent iterations, each containing the tasks needed to release new functionality - planning, requirement analysis, detailed design, implementation, integration, testing and documentation. This leads to a very flexible and dynamic development activity that needs to be proper documented.

Such a technology is intrinsically complex because of the amount of standards, specifications, technologies, patterns and approaches put in place to guarantee a high quality (reliable, secure, autonomic, fault resilient, etc.) software system. This risks to overwhelm developers and distract them from the specific application logic of the services they are willing to develop.

This software system has been implemented with the support of the European Commission in the context of a series of projects including D4Science-II, iMarine,

gCube Getting Started Guide

How to develop a gCube Component
How to develop a gCube Portlet
How to interface with a gCube-based Infrastructure (a.k.a. Featherweight Stack Client)
How to interface with a gCube-based Infrastructure (a.k.a. the gCube Client Libraries Framework)
How to turn software applications and containers into gCube resources (a.k.a. the gCube SmartGears Framework)
How to integrate gCube system with external Cloud Providers
How to produce accounting records
How to consume accounting records
Data Analytics
How to implement algorithms for the Statistical Manager
How-to Interact with the Statistical Manager by means of a thin client
Data Publishing
How to publish ISO-compliant metadata in the gCube SDI
Data Discovery and Access
How to retrieve one specific species distribution map as GIS layer or image

D4Science-II Development

In the context of the D4Science-II project, the gCube technology has been developed with two synergistic lines of activity:

  • Knowledge Ecosystem Implementation whose objectives are (i) to develop a number of technology realising common practices, standards and solutions promoting interoperability with other systems and infrastructures (Interoperability Solutions) and (ii) to enhance and consolidate the gCube system to match the needs of the ecosystem approach. This activity is documented via a dedicated report;
  • Scenario Specific Implementation whose objective was to cover the design and implementation of case-specific needs for each particular interoperable infrastructure. Each case is analyzed and the system to implement it, on the side of the interoperating infrastructure, is designed in detail. Following the initial design, each case implements the specific components required so that it can exploit the facilities offered by the evolving ecosystem core and it can export the identified interoperable features to the rest of the ecosystem cases. This activity is documented via a dedicated report;

iMarine Development

This activity is ongoing. It is documented via a number of tickets in the iMarine TRAC.

EUBrazilOpenBio Development

This activity was active during the period 2011-2013. It was documented via a number of tickets in the EUBrazilOpenBio TRAC.

ENVRI Development

This activity is ongoing. It is documented via a dedicated page on the ENVRI Website.