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Documents technical-oriented information that will help developers further extend and exploit gCube’s source code. The document will target two classes of programmers:

  • Those who want to reuse the code – Programmers who will use gCube’s libraries to build their own tools, without need to access the source code.
  • Those who want to modify/extend the source code – Programmers who will use the platforms source code to enhance it, correct it, adapt it to different environments and applications domains.


  1. Introduction
  2. gCube Architecture
  3. Reference Model
  4. gCube Components Programming Reference
    1. gCube Infrastructure Enabling Services
      1. Information System
      2. Virtual Organisation Management
      3. VRE Management
      4. Broker and Matchmaker
      5. Process Management
      6. Process Optimisation
    2. gCube Information Organisation Services
      1. Storage Management
      2. Content Management
      3. Collection Management
      4. Metadata Management
      5. Annotation Management
      6. Content Import
      7. Data Tranformation
    3. gCube Information Retrieval Services
      1. gCube ResultSet (gRS)
      2. Search Framework
      3. Index Management Framework
      4. Personalisation
      5. Distributed Information Retrieval Support Framework
    4. gCube Presentation Services
      1. Application Support Layer
      2. gCube Portal Engine
  5. Step by step guide
    1. Developing a gCube Component
      1. Developing a Service
      2. GCUBE Provider
      3. Profile Specification
      4. Software Archive Specification
    2. Portlet Development
      1. Developing Portlets with GWT
      2. General guidelines about Portlet StyleSheets
    3. Security
      1. Security Model
      2. How To Configure Service Security
      3. Common Security Troubleshooting
      4. How to use VOMS api library
  6. References
  7. Glossary
  8. Lexical Convention