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Documents technical-oriented information that will help developers further extend and exploit gCube’s source code. The document will target two classes of programmers:

  • Those who want to interface with gCube or to reuse gCube code – Programmers who will use gCube’s libraries to build their own tools, without need to access the source code.
  • Those who want to modify/extend the source code – Programmers who will use the platforms source code to enhance it, correct it, adapt it to different environments and applications domains.

The Guide is organised as follows. Overview provides the developer with a general summary of the gCube technology. How-to provides the developer with pragmatic, detailed and practical advice on gCube technology. Components Programming Reference Sections provide the developer with a detailed description of the gCube constituents organising them according to a Functionality-oriented View and a Data-typology-oriented View.


gCube Reference Model
gCube Reference Architecture


How to develop a gCube Component
How to develop a gCube Portlet
How to interface with a gCube-based Infrastructure (a.k.a. Featherweight Stack Client)
How to interface with a gCube-based Infrastructure (a.k.a. the gCube Client Libraries Framework)
How to turn software applications and containers into gCube resources (a.k.a. the gCube SmartGears Framework) ** NEW **
How to implement algorithms for the Statistical Manager
How to integrate legacy applications and offer them via WPS
How to publish ISO-compliant metadata in the gCube SDI

Components Programming Reference: Functionality-oriented View

Data Infrastructure Management Facilities
Data Infrastructure Policy-oriented Security Facilities
Workflow Management Facilities
Data Management Facilities
Data Access and Storage Facilities
Data Transfer Facilities
Data Assessment, Harmonisation, and Certification Facilities
Data Consumption Facilities
Data Retrieval Facilities
Data Manipulation Facilities
Data Mining Facilities
Data Visualisation Facilities
Semantic Data Analysis Facilities
gCube APIs
gCube Presentation Services

Components Programming Reference: Data-typology-oriented View

Biodiversity Data Facilities
Geospatial Data Facilities
Semantic Data Facilities
Statistical Data Facilities