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== Configuration files ==
== Configuration files ==

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Configuration files

Configuration files that have to be edited after the installation:

Java WS Core


The Log4J output should be redirected on the file system in order to simplify the debugging of what is happening on the DHN and the exchange of such information. The following configuration in the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/container-log4j.properties file has to replace the default one for the log4j.appender.A1:

# A1 is set to be a RollingFileAppender
# Keep 100 backup files

# A1 uses PatternLayout.
log4j.appender.A1.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{ISO8601} %-5p %c{2} [%t,%M:%L] %m%n

# Display any warnings generated by our code

This configuration enables the file rolling behavior and a rollover schedule when the file log size reaches 10MB by managing in this way 100 log files.

Moreover, we initially suggest also to enable a DEBUG log level for the HNMService and the Profile Management Library. In order to do that, add the following lines to the same file:



This file includes a set of global properties related to the container. It is located in the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus_wsrf_core/ directory. It must be changed in order to allow the DHN to publish its hostname. The following two lines have to be added in the <globalConfiguration> section:

<parameter name="logicalHost" value="yourHostName.yourDomain"/>
<parameter name="publishHostName" value="true"/>

Of course, the yourHostName.yourDomain string must be replaced with your real hostname.


JNDI file

The HNMService performs JNDI lookups for some static configuration parameters. Its JNDI file is located in $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/org_diligentproject_keeperservice_hnm/jndi-config.xml

The global resource HNMServiceConfiguration groups the configuration parameters. The following ones have to be changed accordingly to the suggestion reported:

  • defaultVO
    • This parameter has to be filled with the name of the VO in which the DHN will act. This is the Default VO where the DHN and all the hosted RIs will be published as default behavior. The DHN is pre-configured to work in three different VOs (ARTE, ImpECt and Development) or in the root VO (named diligent). One of the followings has to be specified as default VO value:
      • /diligent → to join only the global DILIGENT VO (working in the pre-production infrastructure)
      • /diligent/ARTE → to join the ARTE VO (working in the pre-production infrastructure)
      • /diligent/ImpECt → to join the ImpECt VO (working in the pre-production infrastructure)
      • /diligent/dev → to join the Development VO (working in the development infrastructure)
      • /diligent/devsec → to join the Secure Development VO (working in the development infrastructure)

The default value is /diligent.

  • DHNProfileUpdateIntervalInMillis
    • the DHN profile is updated accordingly to this interval. The interval is specified as milliseconds.
  • latitude + longitude
    • these two coordinates are used to correctly locate the DHN on the Google Map visualized by the Monitoring Portlet. To discover which are the coordinates for the DILIGENT partner DHNs see here
  • country: two letter code of the country (e.g. IT)
  • location: a freetext placeholder (e.g. Pisa)
  • localFileSystem
    • the partition on your file system that you want to share with the hosted services
  • DHNType
    • allowed values here are: Dynamic, Static and SelfCleaning. A static DHN is not used as target for the dynamic deployment, while a SelfCleaning is automatically cleaned every night (used just for demos). The default value is Dynamic.
  • securityEnabled
    • if true, the DHN supports a secure context both at VO and DL level. In this case, it is necessary to
  1. configure the DHN following the instructions reported here
  2. overwrite the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/org_diligentproject_keeperservice_hnm/deploy-server.wsdd with the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/org_diligentproject_keeperservice_hnm/deploy-server.wsdd_SEC

There are other parameters in the resource and they have to be left with their default values.