Accounting Aggregator

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This component is responsible of aggregating the collected Accounting data. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COMPONENT IS NOT READY YET. IT IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPEMENT.

Accounting Aggregator in the Accounting Architecture

The following image evidences the accounting-aggregator components as part of Accounting Architecture:


Accounting Aggregator Execution

This component is a Smart Executor plugin and is launched as Global Scheduled Task (see Smart Executor for further information)

It aggregates (loseless) accounted Usage Record. The scheduling plan is to run on different smart-executor equipped with this plugin with the following parameters:

  • Hourly => accounting records per hour are available for the last week;
  • Daily => accounting records per day are available for the latest 3 months;
  • Monthly => accounting records per month are available for the last year;
  • Yearly => accounting records per year are available for the latest 10 years;