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This section collects all testing methodologies and technologies used in gCube project to test different aspects of its components.

For detailed information about each type of test, please see subsections:

Software Test Ticket - NEW -

A new procedure is released using the Redmine tool to track the testing activities.

The fields (for every tickets) to fill are:

  • Project : gCube
  • Tracker : SW Test;
  • Subject : name of the portlets (plus version) to test or name of the Master Ticket.
    • org.gcube.subsystemName.componentName.version (SW Test) for the component test ticket. For example: org.gcube.application.aquamaps.aquamapsspeciesview.1-3-4 (SW Test).
    • gCube SW Test Release x.x.x for the Master ticket. For example gCube SW Test Release 4.3.0.
  • Priority : Normal;
  • Assignee: Tester, Developer, Infrastrucute or Portal Manager, Release. This assignment depend on the action to do (test, deploy, solve the issue and so on);
  • Category : name of the subsystem portlet (e.g. portlets-admin);
  • Sprint : Release x.x.x - Typeof Testing. For example: Release 4.3.0 - FT Testing;
  • Parent Task: Master SW Test Ticket (only for the software test components ticket). The parent task for the Master Ticket is the Project Task ticket;
  • Start Date: The date of the ticket creation;
  • End date: Date of the deadline ;
  • Progress: updated when the testing activities is in progress (included not only test but the solution of the issue). Only the first time the progress is 0.

An example how to create the Software Test Ticket (STT) can be found at the following link: #9885.