Jenkins Projects (aka Jobs)

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gCube Template Project

The easiest way to create a new project is to clone the gCubeTemplate project.

1. In the Jenkins interface (Jenkins interface is available at, select New Item from the options on the left panel:

Jenkins newItem.png

2. In the new item page, assign a name to the project

3. Scroll down until the bottom of the page and use the last option to create the new item from other existing. Insert gCubeProjectTemplate as input (it should auto-complete).

Jenkins newItemFromTemplate.png

and confirm with OK.

4. In the new project page, you need to:

  • uncheck the "Disable this project" checkbox
  • provide the URL to the Git repo to build

Jenkins newItemRequiredChanges.png

That should be enough to try to build the project with a Jenkins job.


Source Code Management and Poll Triggers

  • set option to "Git",
  • provide the URL to your repo (e.g.,
  • set the credentials to git.gcube,
  • specify */master as branch to build,
  • and in "Poll triggers" section check "Poll SCM" option with no schedule defined. This setup basically tells Jenkins to poll your Gitea repo only when requested via a webhook.


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